Minimising The Tisk Of Turbo Failure

Some Helpful Tips You Can Follow

  1. Change the oil in your vehicle at least every 5000 kilometers.
  2. Only use oil that is recommended by the manufacturer of the engine.
  3. Do not use cleaning additives, these may loosen particles and other debris.
  4. Always let the engine warm up when you start. A recommended time is 30-60 seconds in warmer weather, and longer as the temperature drops.
  5. Remember, cold oil is thick, and doesn't flow as freely as warm oil.
  6. Do not "rev" your engine during the warm up, the turbo may not have had enough time to receive a full supply of oil.
  7. When stopping, let the engine idle for a period. The faster you were driving, the longer your idle down time should be.
  8. Remember, the turbo is free spinning at high RPMs, and when the engine is shut off, so is the oil supply. If the engine is not properly idled down, the turbo may experience bearing damage.
  9. When you do change the oil, remember to prime the filter and crank the engine without starting until full oil pressure is observed.